The Best 3 RPG Games of 2012 for the PS3

Though we have just entered into the 4th month of the year, but PS3 gamers have already got enough of excitement in 2012. There are number of games which have topped the charts of games in this year and yet many more excitements are on the way to hit the PS3 fans. Especially in the RPG section for PS3, the game developers have been extra merciful in these 3 months of the year and have given some of the great playtime to the crowd. Here is a short review on best 3 RPG games of 2012 for the PS3 which a game lover will never want to miss.

Mass Effect3:

The third version of the epic game- ‘Mass Effect’ has already been on the 7th cloud of demand from the day it has been announced by Bio Ware. Bio Ware has already raised the standards in the RPG section from some of its classic time games for PS3 but Mass Effect 3 has gone above every expectation of the game lovers. Launched on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on this 6th of March 2012, Mass Effect 3 has created an enigma of curiosity which has made it among one of the bestsellers of PS3. And the best part is yet to come. Bio Ware, for the first time has included the feature of Multiplayer in Mass Effect series. The game extends the story of the previous version and this time, some machine world from outer space has invaded earth. The game is all about to over-shade the attack and save the earth. The animations and graphics are spell-bounding and can’t be scored in any parameter known.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

From very beginning, Final Fantasy has secured a special place in the region of Role Playing Games and any version is enthusiastically welcomed by its lover. The 2nd part of the 13th version of Final Fantasy has been launched for public on this 31st of January 2012 and since then it is continuously going out of stock in stores because of great demand. The story board in the game moves 3 years ahead of the previous episode. The story moves with disappearance of the main lead-‘Lightning’ to some unknown dimension and the game is all about a search mission by his younger sister SerahFarron and a little character-Noel Kriess.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

The year 2012 in PS3 is the year of series extension as most of the famous RPG games have introduced their new version in this year. Another name which has created the ambience of fun and enjoyment to die-hard fans of PS3 RPG is Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning version. Designed by the game legends -Ken Rolston, Morrowind and Oblivion, the game has mesmerized the players from February 7th 2012 on which it arrived in stores.

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