5 Most Fun Online Games of 2012

There were many exciting online games to play this year, but let's take a look at the top five knockouts! These games each made it on this list by providing their fan base with hours of entertainment and adventures you can't get anywhere else. They have massively positive fan reviews and extraordinary game play and graphics.

5. Rift

Rift takes a genre of gaming and aims at perfecting it. Beautiful graphics compliment exciting adventures and polished over game play. Rift takes everything people typically complain about in MMOs and works it over until it's no longer in the game; before it's even updated. The game is ever changing and new Rifts open if left unchecked. By allowing Rifts to open, players are forced to contend with terrible beasts. One day everything can be puppies and flowers and the next it could be fire and brimstone. It all depends on the players.

4. The Secret World

I have one word to describe this game: unique. With three-factioned PvP and game play based on real and fictional mythology, it has brought something new to the table. The Secret World is full of detailed back stories and historical adventures. It offers a single player mode as well, which is unlike many other games. It goes out where many other games have been too scared to venture. Mostly horror based, this game is packed with mind-blowing monsters and challenges to complete. The Secret World gains it's top four spot by providing the players with something no one else has to offer.

3. Guild Wars 2

With an eager fan base from their first release waiting on bated breath, this game was sure to have an epic release. Having only been out just over a month Guild Wars 2 has already made it's way onto this list. This game brings you exciting new challenges and adventures, in addition to the features provided by the original Guild Wars and it's expansions. With additional classes and abilities, this game enters you into a beautiful world that you must save. In the first Guild Wars any time you left the town you became instanced; meaning there were no other players in the world with you unless you were in a party. Guild Wars 2 steps away from this. Only some main story line quests are actually run as instances. A hard hitter this year with high action and wonderfully designed team building.

2. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Based on the Star Wars movies this game will keep you on your toes. This game earns it's number two spot on my list by having excellent game play that hooks the gamer in. In an industry mostly ruled by fantasy, this technology based game offers something a little harder to find. Star Wars: The Old Republic allows players to develop a personality for their character. You could reinforce your moral standing, or flip your character to evil. It all depends how you feel that day.

1. World of Warcraft

As I'm sure most people would suspect, World of Warcraft holds on tight to it's top spot among online games. It's ever-expanding world and action packed adventures keep people zoned in for years at a time. It's most current expansion, Mists of Pandaria, brings a bit more of a light-hearted feel to the usually serious game. Updates and expansions have kept this game alive this far beyond the lifespan of most online games. New adventures, better graphics, and even new classes are pulling their weight for World of Warcraft this year. With a very dedicated fan base and constant community interaction, this game is truly the biggest name out there; and with good reason.

Ivan Retner is an online games enthusiast and guest author at www.funlinksdaily.com, a site with daily links to the most fun stuff on the web.


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