The Life Cycle of Your Games Console

This article looks at how you can effectively save money on your new games console by selling your old one.

When the Sony Playstation 2 games console first hit the shelves way back in 2000, it was a massive step up from the original Sony Playstation console. The PS2 looked better, but also the games were more exciting and the graphics were awesome. You could even use a PS2 to play DVD films, so as well as a games console you had a DVD player. What more could a person want?

The joy of gaming

I have never been much of a gaming enthusiast. To be honest, I prefer spending my leisure time doing things like reading a book or going to the gym. However, my kids think differently—they love their Playstation games console and would happily spend every second of every day playing their favourite games.

Time to upgrade

The kids have had a great deal of enjoyment from their Playstation games console over the years. When their friends come round, they dig out old games and hold multi player tournaments, and when the evenings are dark and miserable and there is nothing on the TV, out comes the PS2. But all good things must come to an end and when the Playstation 3 was released, the kids were desperate for an upgrade.

Time to sell the Playstation 2

I couldn’t afford to buy a brand new Playsation 3 outright, so we decided to sell the old PS2 to help fund the purchase of the new games console. I would have loved to keep both consoles, but because the new PS3 offered a much better gaming experience, including online interactive play via the Playstation network, access to other online content and the ability to play back BlueRay discs, it seemed pointless keeping two of them.

Time to make some cash!

Thankfully second hand games consoles are worth something to other people and when I did some research, I discovered I could sell Playstation 2 and earn a decent amount of cash. It seems there is a good market for old games consoles and if you have one knocking about at home that you no longer use, possibly because it has been upgraded for a new one, you should definitely consider selling it.

I listed our PS2 for sale on an online auction website, but there are many different options available to those who wish to sell a second hand games console. I was able to find a buyer for our PS3 very quickly and within a very short space of time, the kids were having a great time exploring all the features that their new PS3 had to offer.
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