PlayStation 4 News – Unearthing the Secrets

In the light of authentic PlayStation 4 news, we would like to let you know that the most awaited gaming console is just a couple more days away. With the arrival of Play Station 4, it is expected that a number of outstanding features and specs will be there to address all the needs of game players.

It is also predicted that the high quality games for PS4 will be available in the PlayStation Online Store from where you can purchase and download games directly. Some PlayStation 4 news indicates the fact that online game playing feature will also be enabled in PS4 with the “game streaming” facility, which provides the user with an excellent gaming experience. This just means that you can play the game of your choice at the comfort of your home; all you need to have is a fast and reliable internet connection, preferably a Wi-Fi connection. There are some other mind-boggling features that Play station 4 is likely to offer, but you have to wait for the Play Station 4 release date to see the wonders that this amazing device truly provides.

According to the latest PlayStation 4 news, this gaming console is among one of the finest models in the history of gaming consoles from Sony, which can drive you through an exceptional gaming experience. It features an eco-friendly design with the material used to manufacture the PS4 being about 60% recyclable. This will also be equipped with “Eco Start” feature that allows the gamers to save and resume any game without having to turn the gaming console off.

PlayStation 4 news tell us that the energy saving features present in PS4 are quite useful since it is expected to come up with the auto shut-down functionality by which the console gets shut-down if left untouched for about 30 minutes. Thought the PS4 sports some eco-friendly features, the official PlayStation 4 news prove that it includes all the essential specifications for hardcore gamers. With the 1.5 TB HDD, you are sure to store as many games as you wish, and it also will have a HDMI connect port along with some USB 3.0 ports.

Some of the Play Station 4 news predict that, in this device, 4K2K compatibility will be coupled with full 3D and 3D Blu-Ray support. The best thing is that it supports the highest resolution of 4096 x 2160 available in gaming consoles today, which provides the finest gaming experience in almost all HD TV sets.

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