Pantropy Reboot Preview

Pantropy Reboot is an up and coming independent multiplayer mech game with great potential. The game is still in the last stages of development.  It’s currently on Kickstarter raising funds. The developers have unveiled teaser trailers and a list of gameplay features that look incredibly promising and exciting.

What is Pantropy Reboot?
Pantropy Reboot is a sci-fi game that appears to be a mix of World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and a shooter action game with really cool mechs. The gameplay is ostensibly multiplayer, where players can create their own storyline. It’s currently being released only on PCs. The Germany-based devs say that if the sales are high, the game would become available on Mac and Linux as well.

The developers are planning to add 64 players to the game initially and increase this up to 128. The game is set for a third or fourth quarter release this year. The closed alpha keys will be released in May or July to those who pledge support.

The Story and Graphics
The story is set on a planet called Lethaea, where players become mechs belonging to one of the two in-game factions: Andell or Itokawa, named after interplanetary mining corporations competing for resources in this world. There’s also an enemy NPC faction of “fearsome biomechanical creatures,” which are controlled by an evil AI.

Players have to advance into enemy territory to take control of strategic resources like mines and power plants. Teams can win by seizing an enemy control tower. So the FPS gameplay is relatively straightforward and skill-based, and the action progressively gets more difficult as the players advance.

Despite being an indie game, Pantropy has an expansive play area as large as 64 sq. km (or 39 sq. miles), depicted on a gorgeous handcrafted map. The graphics are beautiful and on par with what you would see in games like WoW. The scenery is especially picturesque.

The Gameplay
Pantropy Reboot isn’t just a PvP game. It has the action of an online FPS but is also a base building and crafting system that is comparable to building in Minecraft. The players get mech toons that are highly customizable to play with. What’s really unique about Reboot is the feature that allows players to create their own storyline. Players can accumulate plenty of cool gear, such as weapons, vehicles, infantry, and reinforced bases. Epic loot boxes are promised, of course, for fighting NPCs. The loot could include everything from alien artifacts to data storage devices.

Gameplay is faction based so it’s never boring. Players would be challenged by NPCs, when not going up against human players from other factions. Some automation features are available for farming. Activities like base building are actually complex, so don’t expect the quality you would find in a Facebook game.  One major perk of gameplay: Raiding is firmly anti-offline.

Pledging Support
Pantropy Reboot looks highly promising and is worth checking out. If you want early access to the game, Pantropy Reboot accepts pledges ranging from 10 Euros to 2,500 Euros or more. Those who pledge 10 Euros would get the game at launch with recognition in the credits as an early backer. Players can get closed alpha access from July 2018 for pledging 20 Euros or more.

Players willing to dish out 1,000 Euros or more will receive tons of rewards, including over 40 Steam Early Access keys, the ability to name an NPC character or a creature, and a number of exclusive skins. For 2,500 Euros or more, you can chat for an hour with the developer team.  GO HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


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