The Best Games of 2018 So Far

Wondering what to play this year? Then check out these gaming titles making players squeal with delight:

Dragon Ball FighterZ 
FighterZ is as exciting as your favorite Dragon Ball episode. The developers are really giving fans what they want here. There are bombastic combat moves and plenty of fan service to indulge in. The gameplay has been modernized, along with the looks. The overall result is a nostalgic and delightful gaming treat.

Monster Hunter World 
This is one of the hippest titles to hit the shelves in recent years. The game got rave reviews for its beautiful locations and the number of monsters introduced in the game. It just feels real and the gameplay is addictive. The game is very welcoming to new players, which is a major plus.

God of War  

The classic Sony title has been rebooted by Norse. And the results are just spectacular. God of War was losing steam with the last Sony-released titles. Norse has managed to bring back the franchise in full force with great graphics and gameplay guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

The new God of War has super cool weapons, particularly a certain axe. The enemy monsters have undergone a design makeover and look more intimidating and just generally better to fight. The truly noteworthy upgrade of the reboot is the landscapes, which are stunning and truly worthy of the mythical setting. It’s easy to get absorbed into God of War and get obsessed with Kratos on his bloody journey.

This indie title is a visual feast for the eyes. Forget the dark, solid colors typically expected from games. This comes alive in pastel shades and Piccaso-like angles. It’s all about solving puzzles and platforming. When you want a reprieve from combat-focused action games, try Fe and help a little fox sing his way around a forest.

A Way Out 
What’s really unique about A Way Out is its gameplay. When single-player games are giving way to multiplayer games, A Way Out remains coolly a dual player. Or as the brand puts it, co-op payer. The game is about two prisoners trying to escape. The only way to beat the game is to closely collaborate with a gaming partner. So grab your BFF and work together.

Ni no Kuni 2  
The second installment of the title is more magical than the first. The game is set in an animated world that recalls the best of Studio Ghibli works. The player follows a deposed king on his way to reclaim the throne. This open-world JRPG game is packed with action and superb combat. Gameplay is rife with dealing quick blocks and switching characters to win the strategic upper hand. The game is visually stunning and very emotionally satisfying.

Shadow of the Colossus 
The popular PS2 title is now available on PS4. The story about a boy killing giants to save his love from the clutches of death never feels old. The beautiful setting is completed by gameplay that is less action-y and more adventure focused. Players are required to make unique moves to master the game. The 4k graphics certainly improve the appeal of the game as well.

So, which of the above titles can’t you wait to get your hands on?


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