God of War Patch 1.21 Makes the Game a Lot Less Frustrating

Sony and Capcom just released the eleventh update patch to God of War, originally unveiled on April 20. The 1.21 update fixes some of the most frustrating bugs in the game and also introduces new additions that make gameplay more fun.

Unlike the last update, which introduced the goofy Photo Mode, the new patch isn’t packed with cool stuff. The publishers are still mum about exactly what type of bugs the new update is fixing. Though the improvements of the new patch aren’t listed specifically, players are sorting through the changes.

Here is a list of new features and fixes known to be available with all the patches to God of War:

Final Weapon Upgrades
A number of players have reported that the newest update allows those who proceed to the final stage to get weapons upgrades. The weapons can be reportedly maxed out before facing the final quest.

Photo Mode
Introduced with patch 1.20, Photo Mode became an instant fan favorite. This feature allows users to freeze action in-game to capture screenshots just perfectly.

The mode works like an in-game DSLR camera. It allows users to edit scenes to get the best shot, much like a digital camera. With the Photo Mode, players can adjust the focal length of a shot, change the field of view, and add depth of field.

Players can additionally tweak the focus distance, aperture, and F-Stop. A number of Snapchat-like filters were also introduced. Players can add borders, the game logo, and text to the screenshots they take.

Perhaps the most fun part of Photo Mode is the ability to alter characters’ facial expressions in the screenshots. Fans could, for example, give the infamously grumpy Kratos a smile. Players can alter a characters’ visibility as well.

Increased Text Size
Introduced alongside Photo Mode on patch 1.20, the text size on menus and subtitles are bigger. The text is much easier to read now than when the game was first released.

Bug Fixes
Patches 1.17, 1.18, and the most recent 1.21 are said to fix minor bugs within the game. However, the publishers have never specified exactly what those bugs were.

Players have claimed that the 1.17 update fixes a supposedly bugged HDR and audio skipping issues. However, without confirmation from the developers, it’s difficult to specify what the errors actually were.

Scaling Bug Fix
One of the few known bugs in the game is a display scaling issue that was corrected by the 1.11 update, the second patch to the game.

Optional Text Zoom
Players have the option to zoom text with the 1.12 update. With the increased text size in patch 1.20, this may not be necessary for most players now.

Unknown Fixes
God of War has received a slew of patch updates since its April release. The updates supposedly fix errors within the game, but the studio isn’t disclosing details of the supposed fixes. So far, little to nothing is known about what updates through 1.13 to 1.16 were supposed to fix.

The director of the game, Cory Barlog, has confirmed that there won’t be any more DLC story content releases in the future. Players can, therefore, be certain that future patches won’t introduce more content.


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