Puzzle Quest: Galatrix PSP Preview

Puzzle Quest: Galatrix is a sequel to Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords. I did get a chance to play Puzzle Quest: Chanllenge Of The Warlords, and I must say I was amazed, and was greatly entertained with it. Yes, I also went through the entire game from beginning to end, but I must say It was quite a long journey. Some battles took more time than expected, but of course I did not want to loose, so every move was carefully thought of as it was critical.

The concept of Puzzle Quest is to match the perspective colors, aligning them as at least 3 in a row. there are green, yellow, blue, and red for mana consumption, which help with the casting of spells, purple for experience points, and skulls for attacking. I do believe Puzzle Quest: Galatrix will have the same based functions to do battle as Challenge Of The Warlords, but maybe a little bit tweaked and with different names.

For those of you who are familiar to Puzzle Quest: Challenge Ot The Warlords, and had a good experience playing this out of the ordinary puzzle game, Galatrix is a must. It sure is for me. I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Puzzle Quest: Galatrix is published by D3 Publisher, and is developed by Infinite Interactive. As to the PSP release date for the U.S., not quite sure, but said to be at the beginning of 2009.

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