Is The PSP Dead?...Not By A Long Shot!

I do not see the PSP dead.., really... I think people who are saying the PSP is dead, clearly do not have an idea what they are talking about. the PSP could not be more alive at this time in history. Why the new game release rate is running smoothly.

I will admit most of the game titles are not keepers, but like anything, there are a few gold nuggets that are worth buying the system itself. Has anyone seen the line up stored for 3rd and 4th quarter of 2009? I am sure SoulCalibur Broken Destiny is no joke, but a super release, that I am personally anxiously awaiting for, as also Tekken 6, Gran Turismo, NFS Shift, Little Big Planet, and so many more...

Ok...maybe the reason why people are saying the PSP is dead, might just be because up till recently the PSP sales have dropped dramatically. This might just had been overseen by Sony ever since the announcement of the PSP Go. This could actually be their sale strategy for their PSP Go, and I will give an example... Now as a common Joe, at this time I would use common sense and realize that if I had to buy me a new handheld device, knowing the PSP Go is just around the corner (time wise) or buy me a regular PSP. What do you think I will choose? If you are like me, I would choose to wait till PSP Go comes out and buy it. It is kinda like a super kamehameha from Goku of dragon ball Z... Accumulating energy, waiting and making the kamehameha as big as possible and when it is time...Boom the release. So yes, I do expect the PSP Go make a killing when it comes out October 1st, 2009.

In conclusion, I definitely see that the original PSP will be dieing but not the PSP legacy, since PSP Go will surely lead the next generation of portable gaming!

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  1. I beleive ya, hope i get enough money to buy that, it sure looks awesome xD