Recent Problems With SNES Emulator For The PSP

Ever since I upgraded my Custom Firmware to 3.90 M33-3, I could not use the SNES Emulator (snes9x TYL) I was using, (can't quite remember the version). So what I did was look for an updated version of the emulator, thinking the one I had didn't work because that specific emulator was old and outdated. As I was searching I came across many versions that I could download on this site here. I downloaded the most recent released of SNES emulator which is (I don't know if still is the most recent) "Snes9xTYLsmcm Test 5 27/05/08".

I have PSP Fat version, and even though it says it is for the Slim, it works on the Fat as well, because I tried it. The only and huge problem for me using this emulator was the fact that it got stuck on the rom game, and could not exit out of it unless you did a hard reset. I did not have this problem before updating my CFW. I do not know if I am the only one having this problem, or its probably the fact that my PSP is Fat version and not a Slim. Well I tried the other SNES emulators files down from that list, and still had the same problem. If anyone can help resolve this problem would be nice.

I finally found "uo_snes9x test 0" that didn't get stuck on the rom game, but it has little problems with audio, and graphics, and you can not change the PSP Clockspeed from 333 Mhz. Well, For now it will have to do since I got many SNES roms and play them constantly.


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