How to Put Google Android On The PSP

Electronic entertainment has been on a discovery path that will be unraveled to you on how to put Google Android On the PSP as a pacesetter. Before you get to that though, you need to know a few things about online sites and hazards to avoid. There are many sites that claim to have genuine software and end up being spam and can ruin your esteemed gadget with viruses. You are advised to download Android software from to obtain software that is compatible and approved for your Play Station Mobile.

Although the terms PSP may not be new to all, Play Station Portable is a games application present in the modern phones and thanks to the invention of mobility, accessories can be adapted to mobile phones and other Android applications to streamline games on your phone and keep users in touch with the latest games. In this article, we look at the procedure of installing Google Android on the PSP present in a mobile device. If you are wondering about the relationship between Google Android and PSP, the Android application offers an operating system for electronic games you have on your PSP. Have fun after taking the five steps outlined below.

IT is as easy as ABC if you ask. Just like any other software, Android Beta has to be downloaded from Google applications. This is how to go about it:

1) Download files and put a link in the video description in your computer. This is the destination of the downloaded files that contain the Android application you want to add to your Play station mobile. Remember to only visit authorized sites for this!

2) Extract all downloaded files and save them to a folder of your choice. This makes the files available on your PC ready for transfer to the port of your gadget.

3) Insert the memory stick to your PC and allow it to register.

4) The memory stick has a number of files in it, open the folders and go to PSP. Once you land on it, open it and you are ready to transfer files. Open two windows, one with the downloaded files on your computer and the other with PSP on your memory stick so that you copy the files to the latter. It takes a short while to copy the files to the memory stick.

5) Close the windows and remove the memory stick. It already has the Android Beta files.

6) Insert the memory stick to your mobile gadget and once your gadget senses its presence, open it to Android Beta application and go straight to PSP. You have all you wanted and you can actually see it on your screen.

7) On the display are all your desired applications right ion your screen, Touch any to open and enjoy your software!

As displayed above, it is an easy procedure that takes a very short time to install. Better yet, updates to the Android applications will follow the same route once needed and they can be updated in a much simpler way.


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  15. Linux cannot normally run on a PSP because the Memory Management Unit (MMU) is not present in the hardware. The PSP has the power to run Linux, but not the hardware. That is why uCLinux (modified Linux) is used as an alternative.

    Android is a modified form of Linux; therefore the answer is no, it cannot run on a PSP.

  16. Linux kernel requires a specific piece of hardware called “memory manager”, which is not present on PSP. It does exist on MIPS processors (the one PSP uses) but Sony removed it on their custom MIPS (Allegrex) used on PSP. It has nothing to do with PSP’s power (which is way powerful enough). Linux can run on 486 PCs, which are way less powerful than PSP.