PSP: N+ Review PSP Gameplay

N+ stands for Ninja + I believe, but as you can see, the main character here is just a stick figure with lots of acrobatic ninja moves and a good gold collector, haha!. As you may already know, this game is a sequel to the one title N: Way of the Ninja. Which is a flash game that was release in May 16, 2005. by Metanet Software.

Main object of the game is to get through many of the levels-stages mazes type of deal, but like in almost every game you start off simple then it gets hard. You got to collect as many gold coins as you can. Touch the switch that will open the door to the next level, and avoid many types of obstacles on the way.

N+ is a fun game I enjoy whenever I have free time to spare, but I think I still lack on some agility skills to get me rank as a good ninja, because I just barely got it the other day. Well, "practice makes perfect" as they say.

You can not download this game here for the PSP. Of course to make this a playable file, you need CFW, otherwise it is not going to work. All you really need to do, if you already have CFW, is just place the ISO file inside the ISO folder on the root of your memory stick.(if you do not have an ISO folder there, then just create one)


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