PSP VS iPod Touch 2

Nice explanation of the two devices on the video. This is part 2 of 2 of phonedog video at Youtube. Clearly the upper gaming device here is the PSP right? (Not just gaming: PSP can also play videos{mp4}, and with PSPtube application, and Wi-fi connection to internet; You can also view, search, and save Youtube videos. Not to mention it can also play mp3s, you can store computer files just like a regular memory stick. Store, view pictures, and there is a ton of other features that I will get tired just explaining here).

If you have about $200 and you were to buy a portable gaming device? which one would you choose: PSP or iPod Touch?


  1. iPod touch..... way more control and customizability plus better volume and music app

    But then again I'd rather find a deal on craigslist

  2. For the games i'll choose psp... i cant think the ipod as a *gaming* device.