DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition PSP Review

DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition follows the DJ Max Portable Series and combines versions 1 and 2, which you can also play via "link disk" I believe. This game is great. I have loved the neat sounds and excellent visuals when playing. There are several modes to play here: the first and most important would be the "Club Tour" which will let you unlock new songs, clubs, emblems, etc. The arcade version which you will be able to choose the difficulty of the song you want to play. Collection feature is to view all the unlocked items, including movies, and images and more. Link disk is to insert other DJ Max Portable game. Finally Album is to view the neat graphic movies, or just listening to the great sounds and gives info on song title and artist title. 3 Language selection are here to choose from, I do believe this game is Korean, but you can choose English too.

The one downside for me, is that I have never heard this songs before, even the ones that are in English, unlike Guitar Way To Heaven, which carries all my favorite rock tunes (maybe this is due to the fact that I am more inclined to listening to rock alternative music than any other type of music). I dare say this game has more to it than Guitar Way To Heaven though. For one, the graphics are really a big factor for me (especially since manga, anime are my favorite kind of animation). The different options on mode play are also neat. The songs available here are over 100 and makes this game a very rich game and not one that you play a few days long and get bored of it.

On the video below I am playing the very first song which is extremely easy, only use of 2 buttons, the left and right directional buttons, and occasional joystick movement. there is also 4 button gameplay, 5, and 6 which is the hardest. I am really a beginner haha! and some songs really test your skill of quick reaction. I guess I need more practice, and playing the same songs over again, helps as you can sometime remember the button sequence. hehe!


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