My Spanish Coach On PSP

Learn and play at the same time. Here's a new idea from Ubisoft: how about learning a new language: Spanish. It's going to be one the very rare educational games for the PSP. And it could come in handy for the those of you who are constantly trying to communicate with Spanish speaking people, who don't know English. It could also be good if you are on your way to Mexico on a vacation trip or other. For example you want to take a taxi cab. " hey amigo, vamos a la cantina " (hey, friend lets go to bar) lol.

To tell you the truth this game is on the Nintendo DS, and do not know if it is a good idea to have this on the PSP. I mean, in my opinion, what the PSP really needs is good original games exclusively for the PSP. None of the DS or any other consoles. I think that would really boost up the PSP in rank, and sales, if Sony ever had thought of it.

I will, however be getting this game out of curiosity. I want to see for myself the fan factor, and the learning experience. Who knows... it might be worth something. The schedule released is October 7, 2008.

Here below is the DS version. I will post the PSP version when it comes out. cheers...


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