Up, The Movie Game PSP Gameplay

Up is quite good adventure game, although I have not seen the movie and really do not know what is about. I just got this game yesterday and decided to make a short video of it. Take a look at my video below; my favorite part is when the old man says "the only good bug, is a dead bug" hehe! :D


  1. How do you use the fruit to distract the ants in the jungle? I would really appreciate your help.

  2. use the teeter-totter or throw the fruit lying nearby (not those u pluck) to the ants... they will go & eat, then u can walk over. or use cheats... insecticide.


  3. im on chapter 10, and im trying to get past this one part but it says russel needs a grapple? what the heck is that ? and where do i get it ?