PSP: FIFA 09 Review

Get yourself ready for a real sim playing professional soccer with FIFA 09 for the PSP. Its the most realistic experience in playing the world's best sport, brought to you by the great EA Sports. Yes! quite good game, but again, in order to really enjoy all the gameplay, you need to be a fan of soccer or play it in real life. As for me; yes, i do enjoy a bit of soccer, but not a big, big fan.

The good thing about this game is that its got a very amplified selection of teams troughout the whole wide world. As you can tell on the video below I selected MLS's Galaxy vs. Red Bulls. Too bad I could not include the whole match up, but it ended 1 to 0. Another thing that I liked is the Goal playback in other camera angles and even in slow motion making the moment as exiting as seeing it from the stadium or even the TV. and appreciate more of the sport. Completing the individual challenges will help improve a player stats and will be much easier to get victories over any other team.

FIFA 09 is quite a very rich game and thus the ISO file is quite a large one (over 1 GB). This is the reason I have not added this game for download here. I can only do that to those games which files do not exceed 200 MB. I have been using Rapidshare to upload the files, that is one of their requirements. If by any means anyone know a good file hosting site which will allow a much more expanded size, let me know by comment-reply! Thanks and enjoy the game!!

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