Samurai Showdown Anthology For PSP Review

Samurai Showdown Anthology For PSP. Great set of all Samurai Showdown games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, if you are a fan like I am. I however, do not claim to be the biggest fan, because all I really enjoy playing is Samurai Showdown (the first one). Just brings back some memories of the past as I was there getting my hands on this game when it was barely released some years ago. and some of the number two also, and this is only because I like playing as Kibagami Genjuro, Hahaha.

As opposed to the Neo Geo Emulation this kinda falls a little in my opinion. Of course with the UMD version there are more options to the game. I did notice some sound problems, but I guess that is the only thing that bothers me about it so far. Fighting scenes are the same, you can change the screen width 3:4 or full screen (my favorite as the video shows) and others.

Watch my video below so you will see my skills (as tachibana ukyo) handling my sword against earthquake. multitasking on taking a video and playing at the same time while trying to do some special moves has been a little overwhelming, but I do not want to sound like I am using excuses. hehe! And well this game is not the hardest if ever fighting the first guy of course. Just wait till you meet Amakusa Shirow Tokisada. Have fun playing!!


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