iSound Pro 2 For PSP

Was just the other day watching some videos while riding in the car. I wanted to share some of the funny toons I download to my PSP to my friends. The problem with some video is that the volume sound is set to very low, so even if you do raise the volume all the way up on the PSP, it is not going to be much difference, and produce low sound.

I just had to look something up on the internet to help me find something that would make the sound of the PSP louder and clearer. Well, the PSP i.Sound Pro 2 came up to one of my searches results.

While I still have yet to give in and buy one, I hear its fold able so makes it easier to carry around. It is also said to have surround sound effects, and that it can charge the PSP while on the dock. The only bad thing about it is that some say that its really a pain to keep plugging and unplugging the ugly adapter. This discarded the idea for me to carry it around in the car, unless it comes with car charger too.

I guess I will just stick to my ear- headphones for now, but I am still quite interested in this little hot accessory for the PSP later in the future. (o_0)


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