PSP VS iPod Touch

For gaming, the one and only PSP is best, I have doubts about iPod being a good gaming device, since it started as an mp3 player at the beginning.

Just think of the variety of games PSP has! It is quite a library, and we are not yet talking about the hacks and how anyone can install homebrew on their PSP and emulate some of the greatest systems of the past. With downloadable roms, now you have a huge, I mean HUGE selections of games. Never will you be able to say that about iPod touch.

I don't hate iPods, I mean they are quite very nice and technology wise, one of the top products. No wonder their success and popularity. The one thing I will say about Ipod touch that has the lead over our great PSPs is portability. Of course I talk about how small the Ipod touch is compared to PSP.

Well, the fact that PSP is bigger in size makes the screen somewhat good for my eyes, any smaller screen would make me cross eyed playing any type of games. That is the one reason I do not even play games on cellphones. Well, it's that and also the fact that the cellphone games are simple (not challenging), low graphic engined, and just for non-gaming people like me.

"Open me first please, which means we'll open that later" lol
nice video btw. PSP 3000 Vs iPod Touch? What do you think?


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