PSP Fantasy Golf Pagya Portable

Does this seem like a golf game? To me at first it did not. Without showing the actual golf course, and equipment I would have guessed it is just another role playing game. It seemed more like the characters from a role playing game also. love the intro song though and looks beautiful with the high tech graphics.

One of the big things that was attractive for me playing "minna no golf", everybody's golf in English was the little victory dance after getting a good score on the golf course. It actually is a very nice feature and would not feel any enjoyable without it. I see it here too and it cute when girls dance, hehe!

I just stumbled onto this video below and if the information on the youtube page is correct this Fantasy Golf Pagya Portable for the PSP is on its way to Japan on April 2009. It is developed by Ntreev Soft and Published by Takara Tomy. No word if this will come to North America. But we'll see...


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