Hokuto No Ken Raoh Gaiden Ten No Haou-Fist Of The North Star On PSP

Hokuto No Ken Raoh Gaiden Ten No Haou (Fist Of The North Star) is based on the anime. and packs quite a punch. It is of course a fighting game and that has recently been released in Japan only. You can also play this I think even if you do not know any japanese (like me). Your mission is to kick anyone's butt anyway. hehe! So yea, I just wish they would announce this title was coming to North America. Yea! I did see the first movie: Fist Of The North Star. I never saw the now earlier anime series, but its really a classic. I love it til this very day.

There are 13 characters in all, some that look very puny compared with some big with much muscles they look like they are about to explode, haha! Watching the video below,I can see the characters are cell shaded, kinda like Dragon Ball Z titles, that makes it cool, but the background seems a little dull when not cell shaded also. and combos are awesome, and super special moves with the effects, hell yea!


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