Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Nice RPG game. If you had to buy one RPG game this whole 1st quarter 2009, this has got to be it. I can recommend it more enough; It is really that good. Yea, for me it is not the first time I played this game. Make no mistake this is not a new game, if fact quite old. It came out for PSone a long time ago, when the craze for PS2 had just started.

I bought the original and man does this brings many memories, and to tell you the truth I was so exited to play it again. I quite forgot the tricks I knew, because it has been a long time since I last played it, but I guess that makes it good and exiting to play once more.

The big noticeable things to remember here is Star Ocean Second Evolution for PSP is that we see here excellent cut scenes not seen on the PSone version which was called Star Ocean: Second Story. Also another feature I like is the voice acting. Yea, I just love hearing them voices as opposed to just reading the captions on the game. The voices on battle were there on PSone too, but quite different. Cloude sounds younger here! I think I liked his old voice from before, and I wish that would have been kept the same.

At the very beginning you are to choose from a character(Rena the girl or Clude the boy) and see the story in their specific point of view. You will see this game has different endings depending on your course of the story which you can alter a little. The battle system is one of the best when it comes to RPG battle. Its real time as opposed to just taking turns on attacking (the video below shows this). There are quite a some powerful guys you are able to recruit. Ones that use physical specialty attacks and others that use symbology (magic) attacks. overall you can have a maximum of 4 when it comes to doing battle. The item creation is really entertaining fun. I just love this game from beginning to end.


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