PSP 3000 Hacking Video Tutorial???

Still have my doubts, after seeing the video above. There are just too many people claiming they have finally hacked the PSP 3000. I do not yet know if this is legit. However, it seems like all the components of the PSP 3000 are there. Will anyone go to the extend to changing and customizing the PSP 2000 (or 1000 for that matter) so it will look like a PSP 3000 and doing a video in which they show the hacking of a regular PSP? That is what I wonder.

I could understand this is a hot topic that all PSP gamers world wide over the internet want to know more about. And so, its easy to mislead people coming out with a hot topic such as this one just for getting lots of page views.

On the description of the author of this video on he goes on to say that he can't show any links to the access files he used just yet, but will in the future. kinda fishy is you ask me. Well, we will know soon enough if he is just bull s-ing us. I will need more than this video to get convinced. What do you guys think?

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  1. It's possible to hack a PSP 3000. They do it here in the Philippines. From what I know there are two ways of doing it. One that you are not allowed to remove or drain the battery.