PSP Camera: Eye Toy

The PSP camera is going to have a 1.3 megapixel resolution. Won't it be cool to have video conferences using a hot spot wifi?

Now its really getting like when I used to watch anime that would show how the future would be like in a some years from the time they were made. You see them using communicators with visual screens like a watch or any other portable device to talk to another person not near by.

I think the PSP technology is one of the best; It does anything you can think of media wise, but really based on gaming. Sony has really made this portable device stand out from the rest. and with the camera incorporated, it will make it lots of times more attractive to get.

Besides video conferences, I am assuming now the PSP camera will also be able to record video, just like a camcorder, and of course using it for gaming. Which by the way I wonder how the eye toy will be. I did hear it might be coming soon by late this year (2009). I just hope, we get it soon here in the U.S. I will be one of those of many lining up at the local electronic store to get it. haha! I still need to do more search on this topic to find out more... do you guys have some more info on the PSP camera?


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