PSP The Amount Of Games Stored For 2009

Not that many games came out for the best portable gaming device in 2008. Yes, I talk about the PSP. Resources say that games for PSP last year(2008) was rather poor. "God of War: Chains Of Olimpus", "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7", "N+", and "Stardust Portable" are some of the titles that stood up for 2008. My personal favorites are: "Valhalla Knights 2", "King of Fighters Collection: Orochi Saga", "Neverland Card Battles" and "Crimsongem Saga" just to name a few. But overall just picked from the few there were.

It is very important to know that quantity matters more than quality. It is just as true in gaming; I do care much about quantity also, because the more games available, the variety of genres and much rich library to choose from. I think we all have a certain game genre we prefer more than others. Take me for example, I think I am an RPG gamer more than anything, but I also enjoy my fighting, puzzle, sports games as much too. If many of all the games coming out are just with low play value, and with little to no fun, then it defeats the purpose of playing PSP games. So, I have come to the conclusion that there is got to be good a balance between quality and quantity.

This year (2009) promises much for the PSP. Will the game releases for PSP on 2009 double 2008? Some think this year will be 3 times more!!!. Some of the games that are just in the works that everyone talks about it, even before release. "Phantasy Star Portable", "Martial Arts: Capoeira", "Dinasty Warriors", and "Dissidia Final Fantasy" are some of the games I hear about much, and also some of my favorite wanted games for PSP coming soon. And these are just first quarter game releases. What do this mean to video gaming developers? The competition is on! Which can make a game so cool, so amazing, it will be the talk of all? We will just see. What do you guys think?


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