PSP Games And Media Update!

PSP Games And Media Update. I had long wanted to create a blog site about PSP. Being one who discovered this great handheld by Sony. I just had to share some of my experience with the whole wide world.

PSP Games and Media came to my mind for the title nearly about a year ago. Mainly I just wanted to share reviews of PSP games, and talk about movies out on UMDs. Certainly this seems like a full time job since now there is much games and movies to cover. Quite overwhelming to cover all of that. So I just kept it to the most recent of games, PSP games that I have really liked and enjoyed, game emulating for those with hacked PSPs and more stuff, all related to PSP of course.

So, here as of this date, I have finish doing my tabs located at the upper part of my page. I will leave it that way for now and until I see the need to change it, but so far this is going to be the standard way I show it. The last tab is my store which I have just created on There you will find all PSP products, which are divided on 3 main categories:

1. PSP Systems: This goes to the releases of the PSP consoles packs, and also covers the PSP console generations: 1000(phat PSP), 2000(slim and light PSP), and the new PSP 3000 with integrated mic and better LCD screen.

2. PSP Gaming: All games available on Include all Official UMDs games from A to Z released here on the U.S.

3. PSP Accessories: You can find any accessories here including the necessary hardware for the PSP, including memory sticks, cables, chargers, all at very good price.

So now, I have monetized my blog a little, and kinda seeing the small rewards now that my visitor count per day has gone up since the day I started blogging. Posting on my blog is an ongoing process since there is always something new to talk about the PSP. It is definitely a job, but not the kind you hate going to. It is fun, but sometimes I lack the words to say that would make my postings even better. I really enjoyed getting feedback on my posts and encourage all to comment.

Well, that is all for this update. For your visit I thank you and wish you have a very good PSP gaming experience here. ^.^


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