Buy PSP 2000 With Custom Firmware!

Shsss! Well, after doing search after search on the internet on the market of buying an already hacked PSP. I came empty handed my first couple of times. When you know eBay auctions are constantly updated frequently, you may want to try your luck with eBay and do a "PSP with Custom Firmware" search. I used eBay, because it is likely a PSP with CFW will be up for auction there.

You will definately not find a PSP wiht CFW on any store online or offline. I know it may not be the most economic effective to buy a PSP with custom firmware when you (already have a PSP and) can do the Custom Firmware installation yourself, but it is another option for people who may not want to risk, or do not wish to place CFW themselves on their own PSP.

So, without further delay, here is the link I found on Buy A PSP With Custom Firmware. Its good for the next 6 days or so. Thanks for the visit and have a nice day! :D


  1. I found this site:
    They offer free worldwide shipping on there cfw psps.

  2. OK I checked them out and they seem to have moved to and where the sell a huge list of PS Vita skins and some decals for the psp. Does not seem to have the CFW PSPs anymore but there skins are real cool if you got a PS Vita.

  3. There Hatsune Miku and Black Rock Shooter Skins are cool. But I still need a CFW PSP!