PSP Realistic Shooting (PSP Gun Controller)

Not so long ago I posted an article about a remote control car for the PSP(here), for those who are racing enthusiasts, this seems like an excellent crossover and a good idea. Now it is time for those who enjoy first person shooters to get their hands on a new gun control for the PSP. Very simple to understand and to use, by the way these images are shown.

This great little gadget for the use with the PSP and it is not from Sony though. Although this would seem like it was. It is by some company I never heard of called Madcatz, but I did find out they are a video game accessory company.

The gun controller for the PSP is said to have a motion senser, all PSP buttons incorporated to the gun, with "x" being the trigger. The second picture below shows how you mount the PSP to it. I am just left to wonder, is this an attractive accessory first person shooters would consider buying?

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