Cid The Dummy PSP Gameplay And Review

Cid The Dummy for the PSP is a great action platform game. And to be honest, even though I did not see any trailers or screen shots or preview articles about it, I was over 70 percent sure, It was not going to be any good, much less take the time to talk about it. Boy was I ever wrong!!! This game is really good, I am enjoying it much.

What I like about this game, is how well you are explained to playing during tutorial (now who needs a boring instructions manual to read), you get hands-training from start, but it is really up to you if you want to skip it. For me, I was for it, and you can see it on my video below.

There are lots of functions for Cid such as running, climbing, stealth walking, fighting, and much more. He's not just crashing inside cars anymore :D ... I really do find the voice of the profesor very funny hahaha :r and If you follow the story, I am sure you will like it as well.


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