Holy Invasion Of Privacy. Badman: What Did I Do To Deserve This? Debut Trailer

Holy Invasion Of Privacy is a simulation game, but looks more like strategy game to me, where you take the part of the bad guy, as the god of destruction. Goal is to make your dungeon as difficult possible for the human heroes who fight for good. This game is rated "T" for Teen, because of mild language, animated blood and mild animated violence. It is published by NIS, and developed by Acquire

Looking at the trailer seems there are many factors to Holy Invasion. And what really seems attractive to me is that the roles are turned in this game, meaning you are not the good guy here, instead you are evil, fighting the heroes.

Definitely a PSP exclusive, because I haven't heard of any other console getting this game. We'll see how this works out when it comes out on the US. Expected to be released on July, 14, 2009. So mark up your calendars everyone. Thank you all for the visits. :D


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