Mounting The PSP To The Car

Funny how this guy shows how it works on minute 2:19...WTF!! licking the suction cup thingy!!!... hehe. :D Does it say on the instruction manual to do that??? he he! Well, I can not say that I am better when it comes to gadgets like this either. I really do hate and kinda do not bother reading the instructions. I just try to figure things out for myself, so I would have probably done the same, but not on camera. he he :D

Now, I was looking for this great PSP stand on since they really have a bunch of cool stuff... I had no luck... but I did find something similar that I think would work just as good. Here it is:

It is called the "Cobra Car Stand" As said before It also works on tables and windows. bendable shape to make it to your liking to watch UMD movies, Videos, etc... but take in mind as the person on the video suggests not to be watching anything on the PSP while you are the driver.... or else...CRASH!!! oh-oh. But passengers are OK!! :D


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