Sega Classic Lunar: The Silver Star Makes Its Way To The PSP

Was quite long ago since I played this Sega classic, but I did not play the "Sega CD" version, I got to play it on my "Playstation One" console. It was quite good, and I guess back then the animated cut-scenes in between gameplay were really big...Well maybe up till today too.

Now, I have just received information "Lunar: The Silver Star" will be heading for the PSP. Word is that it will be an enhance version, with more new scenarios from before. I still yet have not seen when or if this will make it to the U.S., Europe or Australia, but definitely Japan will probably get it by sometime this year (2009). It is yet to be announced. Lunar: The Silver Star is published by Working Designs, and developed by Game arts.

Personally, I think this Lunar: The Silver Star was a good game to play maybe more or less than a decade ago, It is maybe good to remind us about the story, and re-live the good times we had playing the game. Much like Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Even though I played it years back... It was interesting playing it again, and kinda reminded me of how the story unfolded. Maybe the same kinda experience will make Lunar: The Silver Star a great PSP game pick.


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