Class Of Heroes PSP Gameplay

Class Of Heroes for PSP, considered an RPG, but really has that old game feel to it, especially when you are out exploring the labyrinths. Yes, I mean that first person view! but so far loving the game. Its quite rare there are 6 people in your party, but sometimes or most of the times 3 can usually use the attack command.

I seem to be having some trouble earning money! I go to the first easy labyrinth, to earn me some money and experience for level up my guys, but even that is hard and some of my guys dead! quite challenging at first, but I think as you earn more and buy better equipment for your classmates, the easier it will become (I'm hoping!)

The other great thing about this game is that there are actually many races to choose from, and each with their own attributes which you can enhance when you level up of course. The only thing I do not like about this game, is that at the very beginning might seem overwhelming with all the instructions given by the teacher and principal and all the rooms available at the school. But it is something that can be overcome quickly. I recommend this game. Its a fun RPG! :z


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