Just About All PSP Games Available For Download From PStore!

Breaking news everyone! Seems like after the released of the so popular PSP Go! which is schedule to hit electronic stores everywhere on October 1st, 2009. Just about all PSP games of the past will be available at the Playstation Store. And all the games then preceding, will also be available for download.

Ok! I am kinda confused here a little. This strategy by Sony going all digital on us, now is just to put an end to PSP hacking or what? I still do not see if in fact that is the main reason for the existence of the PSP Go! I heard that they will still keep producing UMDs because the PSP 3000 is not going anywhere. PSP Go is not replacing PSP 3000, but just giving the consumer another choice. One with all digital game downloading, and the other just your regular PSP 3000 with UMD playing drive. I could see where this might lead...Even though they try to deny it, they will slowly be getting rid of all UMDs. I only wonder how many of us bought movies for the PSP on UMDs... maybe a good 10% of us if anything. Yea, I think production of UMDs for Sony has not been that rewarding.

I am really happy and excited for the release of the PSP Go!, I just have some problems with Sony's way of doing business though. For instance, the PSP Go price tag is just ridiculus, and the new accessory line up are really not so good. other than that everything about the PSP Go is fine with me!


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