Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings PSP Gameplay

Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings is actually very good to be a movie game. But I think everyone who is fan of Indiana Jones movie goers will appreciate this game more... It is just like watching a movie of Indiana Jones, except here you take part of the action.

What I like about this game is the settings on which difficulty level you want to play: There is "Grad Student" for those who just barely started playing video game. It is extremely easy. Then there is "Archeologist" level, I dare say it is the default and normal game level. If you are up to a challenge though there is also "Adventurer" level for the hardcore players. It is the most difficult.

The sounds are really good and it seemed to me that I was actually at the movie theater. The controls are kept simple and that is definitely always a plus. but I just barely started the game and so far all I have used is "X" and "Triangle button" and Joystick. I bet there is more....

I am not really a fan of movie games, but this is actually good, I can kill some time with it! :D

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is in stores now you can purchase your copy (click on the link)


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