Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Demo Gameplay

There is a reason this game is called "Freedom Unite". And I think its because the fact that these monster won't go down easy without the help of allies. If you are by yourself, then you are pretty much done for, unless you exceed on your hunting capabilities.

I love this game and recommend it to everyone. It is much fun playing with others. There are a large variety of hunters types, some that use heavy swords, light swords, hammers, guns, bow and arrow, and more. Your mission is simple enough: kill the beast assigned to you in somewhat a time period.

On the video above I believe it to be 50 minutes, and its on a forest, there is also dessert and swamp. Well the demo anyway. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is by game giant Capcom and the full version is on its way soon. Thank you all for your visits /wahaha


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