Some PSP Emulators Reviewed! Classic Games From The Past!

Rare I find someone who has videos, and is into the same thing I am into. Talking about the PSP and the emulators is one of my best preferred topics and here is my friend from Youtube doing a good job explaining some of the emulators that can go into the PSP )with custom firmware of course) can do. I remember most the games shown here, but I did not play much of the atari games in my younger years!

Genesis emulator, NES, SNES, Neo Geo, Capcom Play System, and PlaystationOne are a must have emulators for my PSP because the games I play on it now, just brings good memories. Of course I now consider myself an old gamer. but with age comes wisdom as they say. /wahaha. Anyway enjoy the video and you all have a good day now!


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