3rd Quarter PSP Games 2009 Outstanding 12

Here are the great PSP games that stand up from the crowed! I think they are amazing! so from top to bottom and left to right they are:

1. Invasion Of Privacy Badman (I played it and it is really addicting, once you start you will have trouble letting go. hehe)
2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
3. Disgaea 2 Dark Hero
4. Dirt 2
5. NCAA FootBall 10 (Already played it, and its lots of fun)
6. G.I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra (Really, really awaited)
7. Dissidia Final Fantasy (Extremely famous,)
8. Soul Calibur Broken Destiny (Special Guest Kratos from God Of War)
9. Need For Speed Shift (Driving at its best as seen from the previews)
10. Persona
11. Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass (Box cover here is made up. Not the real cover)
12. G Force (I got to play it, and it is cool)

From this list I have only had a chance to play 3 of them. I think overall this quarter is good for PSP players around the globe.


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