G-Force PSP Gameplay

I have to admit G Force is not that bad playing for the PSP. Gee.. I was surprised though, because this game is based on a Disney movie. Like we all know (I think) most movie games are somewhat poor in the fun factor, and not so interesting.

I like the controls, very quick to catch, and I like to explore the air ducts and rooms here on the video. The whip he uses for attacks, the jet pack he uses to dash quickly on the ground, or even fly for a little while to reach high places. He even calls in a fly to help him out to do certain tasks. Overall this is a great action/adventure game.

I think the only thing I object about G Force is that these are guinea pigs for goodness sake. And although Disney meant to target the children with the movie and game, I hate to think that these guinea pigs are just super intelligent and/or even be smarter than humans.

I have not gone seen the movie just yet, but after playing the game, it does make me curious about it, and before I did not, even with a cool looking movie trailer... Well I thought it just might me too childish.

And for the record I would like to say that These Here Below Are the original G-Force (Japanase Cartoon Of the early 80s. Here known as Gatchaman), I know because I used to watch them in a Spanish Network which translated was "Fuersa G" ahh... brings so many good memories of my childhood.


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