Flashback: Final Fantasy 8 (PSOne). Defeating Omega Weapon

Great video, I remember dieing countless times to Omega Weapon. Here I believe this monsters is the hardest to kill just because he has lots of health power (HP) and can kill your party with one blow. Perseverance got me to win, and knowing how to kill Omega Weapon is of utmost importance.

See, in this video, Aura is used, so the specials are ready when it gets to be your turn...and when you do the special with squall, just hope to do Lion Heart attack as many times as possible (of course this is by chance, you do not control). I am amazed on how quickly the player on the video defeated him (under 6 minutes). When I can remember spending way more time, but that was a while back though. Overall FF8 is a great game to play even till today. Watching this video made want to play it again. Nice flashback video, I take my hat off to the owner of the video. :D

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  1. best game ever ! thx for posting this :) bring back memories and please more FFVIII/IX flashbacks :D