PSP Japan: Oooh The Colors... The Colors...

It seems Sony will be releasing new colors for the PSP. Set to be on their way the 5th of March, 2009. The price: same as any PSP, People would not expect to pay more on these units just because they come in "Carnival Colors": Florescent blue, radiant red, bright yellow, and spirited green. Ouch! my eyes!!! nice to look at even when the PSP is off! hahaha!

On the serious note though, I am glad this does not affect North America, really. I just love my black PSP; not interested in any other color. My opinion only, but seems like Sony Japan went a little too fruity with this decision. Will it work though?, I mean, it is just a way for them to boost up sales, right? Will the Japanese audience be attracted to buy a PSP with these colors? What do you guys think?


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