Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman PSP Gameplay And Review

Holy Invasion Of Privacy Badman is not an X rated movie or game as it may sound lols ..It is a great strategy game for the PSP, and I would dare say it is extremely addicting! I started playing it and did not know where the hours went afterward.

What I liked about this game is that you do not play the role of a good guy here; like in most games where you act as the hero. In fact, Here your goal is to defeat the hero. hahahaha! you win, when evil wins... what a twist right?

Strategy comes into part here when you have to create the dungeon by digging the pathways where your monsters roam. The monsters are born from the special blocks, but remember that monster have to live by killing (or eating) other monsters. So maintaining them alive, strong, and upgrading is of utmost importance.

The goal to Holy Invasion Of Privacy is not let the Overlord, King of demons be taken prisoner by the hero or heroes when sometime three attack the dungeon altogether. Creating efficient pathways is also very important. knowing your enemy has the advantage in striking power, the way you set up the dungeon will determine victory or defeat.

Here in my video I am fighting the last hero, which is not to be taking lightly since he does tremendous damage with his magic power. Little by little my monsters try to damage his health power.

I love this game. It is so much fun to play, and recommend it to all :D


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