Who Is The Hottest Female Game Character?

Wowsie! This is surely a hard question for me, and have to think about for some time. There are so many girl characters that have definitely had an impact on me. Past and present the girl who has been there in my fighting game genre is without a doubt "Chun Li". She is really hot, can kick a55. So, I agree with some the fans shown on this video.

From the RPG Game line up I like "Rinoa" from final fantasy 8, she is cute and I think most of the people now are forgetting about her.

No second thoughts that in action/adventure game "Lara Croft" comes in as the best female character ever created. From quite some years ago, she has become an icon in the gaming industry, and I think she well deserves the fame... There are definitely more than I can name here but...who is your favorite?

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