PSP Graphics Are Beyond Great!

I have always thought the PSP is better than any other handheld out in the market today. A quite huge part of it for me is that the graphics level compare to some of the best home consoles. I know that graphics alone do not make a game good, but helps tremendously in my opinion!

Now, do not get me wrong! I am not here to say that Nintendo DS or any other hand held gaming device is trash (well, maybe "popstation" which is a really cheap copy of the PSP and just looking at this video here makes laugh because of the lousy attemp to make a handheld that would actually dream of comparing to the PSP). It works for some people and in fact, the DS has done very well in the sales department over some years now. We will just see how well it does in sales in comparison when the PSP Go gets here!

So far, at this moment I play lots of Pangya Fantasy Golf and can't get enough of the great graphics and art. The Video down below is a good sample on PSP graphics comparison that even challenges Sony's PS2.


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