Blood Bowl PSP GamePlay And Review

To be honest I did not expect Blood Bowl for the PSP to be this complicated to play(or so it seemed to me). I guess I was assuming it would be much like any other football video game where you just choose game strategy before you actually control any specific football player. That is what I had in mind when I saw Blood Bowl's game preview trailers way early the beginning of the year (2009).

If you get this game, keep in mind to go the tutorial section on how to play. Otherwise you won't know what to do. I know some might disagree with me but, I had little fun playing this game, and yea.. it is not much of my interest to keep playing it. The one thing that I like though, is the teams, and how tough looking some giant orcs are. Mean heavy hitters too. Its fun to see the carnage. /shock

Here on the video below, I show gameplay. Well, I seem to be losing, but remember it is my first try playing Blood Bowl.


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