PSP Minis Not So Awesome!

With the release of the PSP Go. Comes the PSP minis, which are mini games, much like the games you play on an iphone and cellphone games. So far, I have heard that Electronic Arts (EA) will have two great releases included at PSP Go launch. They are Soudoku, and Tetris.

Personally I like Tretis, but Soudoku I rather play it on the I love the idea of mini games incorporated to the PSP Go, but there is a really important element that is missed. There is no Network Play, that means no multiplayer!! What a bummer! It really is a sad, because I know if you are like me, you enjoy more playing with others, than just playing by yourself right? Maybe that will change later on (and hope it is really soon). but for now that is not a good move by Sony. I will follow up on this topic and bring more news. Until the next time folks, keep on playing. :D

Watch some of the list of mini games that will be availabe PSP and PSP Go! below


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