Setsuka The Snow Flower

As a fanatic player of Soul Calibur (or Soulcalibur) I can't pass the opportunity to show some fan art of my favorite character. Still have not played Broken Destiny as of yet, but hopefully soon. My gameplay of the PSP game should be uploaded soon.

I simply love Setsuka. I like her style, her outfit, her dagger cleverly hidden in her umbrella. I want to be a good player knowing all her moves and strategies. I think she is just very confident in her abilities to have wear such sexy clothes and exposing lots of her skin. I mean most would just think that they will need heavy armor all over to duel in sword combat, but not Setsuka.

Love the video here. Seems that the first guy is her master, which died in a battle against Mitsurugi. Then it is Setsuka against him. She is out for revenge, and I think she well deserves it cold. haha!

I am just so ancious to play this game! any other Setsuka fans out there?


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