PSP Go Harder To Hack?

I have encountered some articles on where they say it is going to be almost impossible for hackers to get into the PSP Go system. One of the major reasons is that the battery of the PSP Go is already built-in, and not like the original PSP where the pandora battery was used.

Personally, I think there will be a way to hack the PSP Go. I am reminded that before pandora battery, there was a way to hack the PSP with just file download and run executable programs, do not know how many, but there were some homebrew enablers out there. Now just with a pandora battery and magic memory stick, it was just a breeze to hack the PSP.

You can never know, Sony has this war against hackers, but I think we might just be surprised on how quick they will have this system figured out as soon.


  1. I think the GO will be hacked sooner than we think. There are a lot of talented hackers out there that will hack the GO to bits.

  2. I believe what LiTERAY09 said. I've heard that Sony uses pandora method to fix customers psp's that are bricked. Hackers found a way to replicate it and was able to hack the 1000 and 2000 psp. Sooner or later, the Go will be hacked.

  3. did a teardown of the PSPGo and showed that you can access and replace the battery very easily (in a matter of minutes) and if you're careful enough, without even voiding the warranty.

    How about trying to connect a pandorized battery to the PSPGo?