Gran Turismo PSP Gameplay Review. Gran Turismo Vs Need For Speed.

One thing for sure is that Gran Turismo For the PSP is one of the best driving simulators ever to come to handheld gaming. I am just starting to play it and there is so much more to explore about this game. I am concentrating now on doing lots of the driving challenges there are. I want to acquire some credits to buy me a racing car.

I remember the last racing game I played was Need For Speed Shift. If I compare it to Gran Turismo I would probably say that even though they are both from the same genre. They are very different. I would also say that Gran Turismo is more expanded game in the way that there are more features there than Need for Speed. If there is something that I really missed in NFS Shift was the replay function which is here in Gran Turismo.

Here on the video above I show you my gameplay. Many people suggested me to use Remotejoy lite to do recordings and so here it is. Though it was not easy as just using a camera, because Remotejoy does not record sound. So I had to use a microphone and recorded the sound separate, and then unite both sound and video. Was very hard to up with only a minute and a half. The good thing about Remotejoy lite is that you get better video quality, and no camera shake like my other previous videos.


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